Forensics Neutral

Forensics Neutrals Facilitate Effective Communication

Forensics Neutral

It is only natural that Forensics Consulting Solutions (FCS) would become the leading provider for Forensics Neutral services. FCS has long been recognized in the E-discovery world as a “process neutral” provider. Unlike other E-Discovery Firms, we provide our clients with the tools they need to complete the litigation process in a way works for them, rather than forcing the client to fit their process to our tool.

Our reputation for Neutrality and fairness is unsurpassed in both large and small matters. As a Forensics Neutral, we work with the both parties to establish ESI protocols, mediate E-Discovery disputes and facilitate issues relating to confidential and privileged materials. We can also facilitate the review and production of materials on a single hosting platform, to help both parties reduce costs.

Our team’s extensive knowledge in the field of E-Discovery, allows us to look at the relevant information and provide expert opinions and technical advice. The FCS Forensics Neutrals can conduct on-site inspections of systems, review data collections for relevance and privilege, and perform tasks related to the management of the discovery process.

You can count on Forensics Consulting Solutions to provide you with fair and reasonable results. Our reputation as a world-class Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Provider gives you the peace of mind you need to pursue your case without distractions.