Electronic Discovery

FCS E-Discovery ServiceElectronic  Discovery Production and Processing

At Forensics Consulting Solutions (FCS), our core competency is finding and providing our clients with electronic discovery (e-discovery) solutions that provide them the maximum value for their investment, while ensuring that those processes and technology are implemented effectively and efficiently. Our competitive advantage is derived from our knowledge of emerging technology and our relationships with technology providers.

FCS maintains high standards in the electronic discovery arena and consistently produces one of the cleanest products in the industry by utilizing advanced culling and filtering techniques. Our aim is to reduce client production and processing costs and reduce review time. To facilitate the goal, FCS uses some of the most advanced processing and production software available. Once your data has been processed, FCS can deliver the finished product to one of our review hosting options, or your choice of review tools.

Our current offerings include three of the top ten E-Discovery Software providers in the industry. FCS Technology Partners, Attenex® Corporation, Clearwell Systems, Inc™, and iConect NXT® all received top rankings in the 2008 Socha Survey.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about the e-discovery process, visit Electronic Discovery, a Community for E-Discovery Learners. For more information about FCS contact us at salesinfo@discoverfcs.com or call us at 602-354-2799.